About UppMeet
The UPPMEET platform introduces an entirely new approach to online dating to address these issues. Through the introduction of attention economics, UPPMEET delivers an online dating platform which solves the attention imbalance, thereby relieving pressure on all users. UPPMEET also introduces an innovative use of machine learning compatibility calculations to achieve superior matches between users.

UppMeet Social Network platform

The online dating app UPPMEET addresses these challenges by means of a system that acknowledges the attention inequality that informs user behavior specifically with regard to messaging: it makes use of economic theories and behaviors by introducing a system of incentives, and generates revenue in line with this system. As a result, the demand for a better experience remains high among the vast majority of online dating site users. By correctly managing the imbalances of attention and interest between users, UPPMEET can achieve a better experience for everyone. UPPMEET intends to provide a superior experience compared to industry standards, It is our novel data gathering approach that should enable us to train algorithms better than anyone in the industry: We are closing the feedback loop by tying back precise post-date satisfaction data to the search algorithms.